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The home of Colin McLean, Voice Over Artist .. British, RP, lots of reassuring years of experience and a resolutely professional approach.

"How Canada Won The Great War" (Rob Child; Amazon/Audible)
"Plane Resurrection" Series .. Narrator.
Countless other web and book projects.


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@ColinWDMcLean May 26, 16:01

Not a winner this year @RTS_media but it was special being nominated (Plane Resurrection). Great wins for @madebyforward though! Fab stuff!

@madebyforward May 25, 23:37

So... we only managed to win 2 @RTS_East awards! Huge thanks to @gilesduley and @wextweets https://t.co/vB52ucRR7x

@ColinWDMcLean May 25, 19:52

Very proud to be nominated and part of the @RTS_East awards evening today with the @nikcoleman TV team and Plane Resurrection. Go us!

@ColinWDMcLean May 23, 17:27

My new sounds: BBCRadioNorfolk 22 05 17 RelativelySpeaking https://t.co/k9DIr6nH8l on #SoundCloud

@ColinWDMcLean May 19, 21:43

A modern (retired) Colonel inspects the DDay grand plan at The Big Bunker in Ouisterham. https://t.co/wux9cJs5dw

@ColinWDMcLean May 19, 09:38

Falaise Castle, Basse Normandie. 29 degrees of heat in May. https://t.co/HnSUkvRGKl

@ColinWDMcLean May 19, 09:36

A glimpse of the main tower of Falaise castle - home to Guillaume le Conquérant. Fab irises everywhere. https://t.co/954g9wbYao

@ColinWDMcLean May 18, 10:33

Lucy's new fast friends - Haras du Pin. https://t.co/B4Ewlbi1kG

@ColinWDMcLean May 18, 10:32

Lucy and two smaller equine friends at the Haras du Pin (Normandie). V special place. https://t.co/aXIjHlWHk2

@ColinWDMcLean May 18, 10:30

Visit to fabulous La Garencière close to Allençon yesterday. A v welcome chance to catch up with Meg and David. https://t.co/xRM9qYorM2

@ColinWDMcLean May 12, 13:09

TYVM as ever, kind Sophie https://t.co/NTQEfDYfDo

@ColinWDMcLean May 07, 14:43

Top pic shows ivy-clad end of the garage. Look closely just under the gutter. Has Mrs Duck thought through Plan 'B'? https://t.co/AGcnYunNXB

@ColinWDMcLean May 06, 22:45

How much of this can we expect in the following few weeks? Not a lot we suspect .. https://t.co/bAJRflvXUD

@ColinWDMcLean May 06, 08:10

Two ears, one mouth. Just a reminder. https://t.co/nGboRFG45N

@ColinWDMcLean May 06, 07:55

Superb Infographic and more - well done Archant: 2017 Norfolk County Council election results - https://t.co/ohGP06qNWF

@vickyford May 05, 23:54

Many many congrats to the excellent @CllrJamesPalmer now Mayor of Cambridgeshire & Peterborough https://t.co/G7OG9Z4mg9

@ColinWDMcLean May 05, 20:34

I used to understand English .. clearly I no longer do .. https://t.co/TI5R0ENKtB

@ColinWDMcLean May 05, 20:16

Win lose or draw - I'm always impressed by the effort of everyone involved in local politics. All political hues. An honour to be involved.,

@ColinWDMcLean May 05, 20:12

That's more than a mandate Cliff .. savour success. Richly deserved. https://t.co/YviQEdG0g6

@hilarygauthier May 05, 20:00

What a pleasure to take part in Count today. Incredible results! Well done everyone! https://t.co/hCFcKXmBDG

@EDP24 May 05, 14:04

YARE AND ALL SAINTS - CONS HOLD: Jordan (C) 1991, McLean (LD) 409, Siegert (L) 337 #NorfolkVotes https://t.co/WuwmdeApBY

@EveningNews May 05, 14:03

It looks like we're half way there in #norfolkvotes. More updates online https://t.co/T73hHplYWZ https://t.co/pK2aXNqjjX

@ColinWDMcLean Apr 30, 07:24

And we're off .. https://t.co/yqXtVHzXbE

@ColinWDMcLean Apr 30, 07:24

Chelmsford's the lucky one .. https://t.co/3pqrqoBnMH

@ColinWDMcLean Apr 28, 18:12

@Paris_by_Plaque Yes, very ministerial isn't it? I thought it looked suitably smart. Never wrong dressed in black, we're told. Blessings.

@ColinWDMcLean Apr 28, 10:07

I just wrote a review on https://t.co/9OP4QWP6vW https://t.co/vcRCp3JBlX via @yotpo - indispensable lifesavers. You'll agree.

@NorfolkByDesign Apr 28, 08:36

@NorfolkByDesign opens alongside #new #richardlong exhibition @HoughtonHall2 from 30 April – See more @LoveheartLtdhttps://t.co/8f0ghEcpCC

@ColinWDMcLean Apr 28, 00:49

Get there before it gets too busy .. https://t.co/46vppDAPfH

@ColinWDMcLean Apr 27, 19:56

13 years and 150,000 miles later (that's 2/3rds of the way to the moon at its closest point) I have changed my char… https://t.co/A5vYzZxQTb

@ColinWDMcLean Apr 26, 13:16

May 4th. Don't forget to vote. Vital elections, well ahead of the GE in June. https://t.co/zSENv0gJda