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The home of Colin McLean, Voice Over Artist .. British, RP, lots of reassuring years of experience and a resolutely professional approach.

"How Canada Won The Great War" (Rob Child; Amazon/Audible)
"Plane Resurrection" Series .. Narrator.
Countless other web and book projects.


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@ColinWDMcLean Dec 07, 13:06

Heads Up. New Mac service that lets you rent Mac apps instead of buying them. #Setapp is in Beta now, join here: https://t.co/rO1TUPsWjx

@ColinWDMcLean Dec 07, 09:43

Have decided the office Christmas party should be a surprise this year. Can't wait.

@ColinWDMcLean Dec 02, 10:56

Recalling my first ever Nativity Play rôle: I was (holding the cardboard cut out) a cow, doing some fine 'lowing'. What was yours?

@ColinWDMcLean Nov 28, 14:30

A handy reminder for your next VO project .. fun too! - via https://t.co/Pteqy3RqA0

@ColinWDMcLean Nov 26, 09:33

Present idea! "Fight the Fear: How to Beat Your Negative Mindset and Win in Life" by Mandie Holgate https://t.co/GVVXgbEVM0 via @AmazonUK

@ColinWDMcLean Nov 25, 20:19

Private Eye - Nov 11-24; Middle England beware .. https://t.co/CHFh7TRRwb

@ColinWDMcLean Nov 24, 17:54

A stunning vocal rendition of Elgar’s Nimrod .. Voces8. Balm for your senses. @classicfm https://t.co/X2vfNA9Zuo

@ColinWDMcLean Nov 24, 17:38

Anyone haunted (positively) by the Grand Tour 'smile'? The lady over JC's right shoulder ..

@ColinWDMcLean Nov 24, 15:46

Anyone? Fab lot to work with .. and for. https://t.co/zISL9HSSqs

@ColinWDMcLean Nov 24, 15:06

To all my US friends .. Happy Thanksgiving! To everybody else .. Happy Thursday. https://t.co/LdOmpcAIB7

@ColinWDMcLean Nov 24, 12:43

VoiceOver jobs booked directly before Dec 31st 2016 include 12% commission. - via https://t.co/r6CMeRj4Tc

@ColinWDMcLean Nov 24, 12:26

Vocal Flair - Download the app now! Appsme: Make a mobile app for your business today! In just a https://t.co/UwXqQh3HlH

@ColinWDMcLean Nov 23, 17:27

Came across this little enticement today .. in Capadoccia, Turkey if you're interested. https://t.co/XEnq14HuEO

@ColinWDMcLean Nov 22, 16:38

Reflecting on Sunday's epic ATP O2 final I am left with two strong impressions: the fortitude of Andy Murray and the graciousness of Novak D

@ColinWDMcLean Nov 22, 14:03

Seen a fog bow? No neither have I. BBC News - Amazing white rainbow snapped over Scottish moor https://t.co/E5LfnTe4ji

@ColinWDMcLean Nov 22, 13:02

Autumn in Fulbourn, Cambs. Even the moon is enjoying it. https://t.co/1qEAbGXMWz

@ColinWDMcLean Nov 22, 13:01

All paying homage to the master Funghi. I've walked straight into a Dr Who set. https://t.co/wM90ZBAtmt

@ColinWDMcLean Nov 21, 15:55

@male_voiceover It's Port Isaac .. otherwise known, on screen, as Port Wenn. Lovely spot, as are all those North Cornish fishing villages.

@ColinWDMcLean Nov 21, 11:55

@male_voiceover Yeees ... 5 points for that. But specifically?

@ColinWDMcLean Nov 21, 10:16

Who recognises this view? https://t.co/uqIdqj4biJ

@ColinWDMcLean Nov 21, 10:11

Goodness! Setting modesty aside here; such a generous tribute needs sharing. Thank you @nikcoleman ..… https://t.co/IQsRS8Y2uS

@ColinWDMcLean Nov 20, 16:01

Little plug. If you happen to know anyone needing some voice work .. https://t.co/byCa9hjYbA

@ColinWDMcLean Nov 20, 16:00

A breezy Norfolk day .. in 2013. https://t.co/fLFf3kHgud

@ColinWDMcLean Nov 20, 14:33

30 Sticky Notes That are Brutally Honest About Adult Life: https://t.co/uAEYOKyvpD via @Stumbleupon. Brilliantly funny and well observed.

@ColinWDMcLean Nov 20, 13:55

@Paris_by_Plaque Why thank you kindly. Yes, I'm still blushing ..

@ColinWDMcLean Nov 19, 08:06

Goodness! Setting modesty aside here; such a generous tribute needs sharing. Thank you @nikcoleman ..… https://t.co/IQsRS8Y2uS

@sophiejewry Nov 18, 18:31

Thank you for the RTs @LornaBurroughes @ColinWDMcLean #superstars :) 🔹🆓Grow followers ➪ https://t.co/oopxciHrtk 🆓🔹

@ColinWDMcLean Nov 17, 15:09

Harry Potter might be jealous .. https://t.co/EndYvimVPA

@ColinWDMcLean Nov 17, 15:01

Your heart either sinks or, like mine, rather soars. Nostalgia bottled. https://t.co/RdvTLyGaG9

@ColinWDMcLean Nov 17, 14:59

Pretty well translates into 1964 too .. https://t.co/7xncWgnFr6