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The home of Colin McLean, Voice Over Artist .. British, RP, lots of reassuring years of experience and a resolutely professional approach.

"How Canada Won The Great War" (Rob Child; Amazon/Audible)
"Plane Resurrection" Series .. Narrator.
Countless other web and book projects.


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@ColinWDMcLean Feb 27, 11:21

How is it the fighter jets from RAF Marham know the *precise* moment I switch on my microphone to record ... ?

@CourVO Feb 25, 10:55

See why it takes "More Than Just A Voice" to be a VO success: https://t.co/jRwFiTw7jB #vo #voiceover

@atnorfolk Feb 25, 09:24

Once Upon a Time Exhibition as part of Wayland Book Week starts today @WaylandGallery - https://t.co/nNv6odngVu

@EDP24 Feb 24, 18:13

Can you help with this appeal? https://t.co/5q3W5KJFgB

@BuyLocalNorfolk Feb 24, 12:57

happy Anniversary @ColinWDMcLean members for 3 years thank you for your support https://t.co/MOWdPZdNTi

@ColinWDMcLean Feb 23, 15:35

Like 'Plane Resurrection'? Great! Now here's some exciting news of a new venture .. https://t.co/KHF7VIDNVg

@ColinWDMcLean Feb 23, 13:26

Anyone seen my toupée? Stepped outside for two seconds ..

@ColinWDMcLean Feb 22, 12:48

Learn about confident public speaking at (ladies lunch) networking event in Dereham https://t.co/084cuvnT2E

@ColinWDMcLean Feb 17, 15:05

Anyone ..? https://t.co/OcNCNX6KsM

@ColinWDMcLean Feb 17, 15:02

Yes, you can spare 1 min: Baby seeing mother's face clearly for the first time will brighten your day https://t.co/JKkbED4SqF via @mashable

@ColinWDMcLean Feb 17, 11:32

Looking for something spoiling in the Hunstanton area tonight? Got you covered .. #barbaradickson .. https://t.co/037Tq64289

@ColinWDMcLean Feb 17, 11:23

What is Tony Blair doing back in my newsfeed?

@ColinWDMcLean Feb 17, 11:21

It appears we may have mislaid a whole continent https://t.co/TM5T6mit3J

@ColinWDMcLean Feb 16, 18:15

I've helped support Speeches of Note by @LettersOfNote at Unbound - crowd funded publishing. https://t.co/RKsS60qJEm via @unbounders

@ColinWDMcLean Feb 16, 17:32

No YOU back off .. https://t.co/Lxy87t8hvD

@ColinWDMcLean Feb 16, 17:31

The tortoise enjoys it, why not? https://t.co/mDsVGJFgMt

@ColinWDMcLean Feb 16, 17:31

Repurpose your used manatee as an oven glove https://t.co/kNTpU97n4t

@ColinWDMcLean Feb 16, 17:27

There's talk of doubling the Congestion Charge .. https://t.co/pHhIvM3oSo

@ColinWDMcLean Feb 16, 17:25

And why would you want it quilted? https://t.co/uE0cHk817B

@ColinWDMcLean Feb 16, 17:25

It's not you .. it's .. well it IS you actually .. https://t.co/PxAshdCVBn

@ColinWDMcLean Feb 16, 17:24

A reminder that dodgy fillings and toffees don't go together well https://t.co/QVSngYhj3J

@ColinWDMcLean Feb 16, 17:23

Early 'high fives' were slow to catch on .. https://t.co/beehTIIvYp

@ColinWDMcLean Feb 16, 14:21

10+ Hilarious Reasons Why The English Language Is The Worst https://t.co/wQFFoKgrqo

@ColinWDMcLean Feb 16, 14:21

10+ Hilarious Reasons Why The English Language Is The Worst https://t.co/MNAGbKJOEU

@ColinWDMcLean Feb 16, 14:19

10+ Hilarious Reasons Why The English Language Is The Worst https://t.co/9mfyox9P4o

@ColinWDMcLean Feb 16, 10:27

Distilled wisdom, no doubt .. https://t.co/OYLOsmsjd1

@ColinWDMcLean Feb 16, 10:24

Join us in Hunstanton tomorrow night, why not? https://t.co/1XqgZsaQV2

@ColinWDMcLean Feb 14, 15:58

Staggering numbers tuned into last night's episode (3/6) of 'Plane Resurrection' on PBS America. So a sincere 'Thank You' is called for.

@ColinWDMcLean Feb 13, 16:31

Scotland's very own Brechin Bad https://t.co/vaK7LalpAe

@ColinWDMcLean Feb 10, 15:38

Staggering https://t.co/bmcCyUOfov