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@ColinWDMcLean Oct 23, 10:54

Today's relaxed local, this time in the Pelion mountain village of Milies. Sun after the storms of Saturday https://t.co/DPaAJYuF0V

@ColinWDMcLean Oct 22, 13:45

Monsoon style rain shortly after witnessing one local taking it easy on the Athenian acropolis. https://t.co/7AbQ7gWXCq

@ColinWDMcLean Oct 22, 05:46

View from deck in Piraeus this morning - Wind Star alongside Minerva. Dark clouds. Hmm https://t.co/Hf8KVoOoLn

@ColinWDMcLean Oct 19, 21:24

These breathtaking photos are in a class of their own. Deep respect. https://t.co/k2fK3gwEGm

@ColinWDMcLean Oct 17, 17:07

One former actor's take on turning to Gaming VO https://t.co/W6q7xQkJTc

@ColinWDMcLean Oct 15, 21:53

Owl face https://t.co/KbJb7TMHWi

@ColinWDMcLean Oct 15, 21:52

Isle of Skye, Scotland https://t.co/qzl3uQ3rIj

@ColinWDMcLean Oct 15, 21:50

by Edwin Kats :) https://t.co/icTm23Iv7S

@ColinWDMcLean Oct 14, 17:57

What's happened today to make America grate again?

@ColinWDMcLean Oct 13, 15:39

@BuyLocalNorfolk classic!

@ColinWDMcLean Oct 13, 15:20

Just spotted that 'chaps' and 'chaos' are but one minute slip of the finger away on the keyboard. Hmm.

@ColinWDMcLean Oct 12, 17:12

Filled my car up next to Michael Holding in Newmarket - his aged Saab only slightly cleaner than my aged Volvo #bbccricket

@ColinWDMcLean Oct 12, 15:52

Thinking of getting in VO? Just interested in how VOs get going? Read this. https://t.co/my80nPAcJr

@ColinWDMcLean Oct 11, 15:13

What does the FTSE100 actually tell us any more?

@ColinWDMcLean Oct 10, 15:55

Misreading BBC Sports headlines, take ii: Rooney named as the bench for Slovenia. 'cept it's 'on the bench'. Pity.

@ColinWDMcLean Oct 08, 21:58

Goldfinch and swallowtail https://t.co/F1REHAEiEr

@ColinWDMcLean Oct 08, 18:20

@rogerwoodsvo he's thinking about Trump's rump (I do so hope)

@ColinWDMcLean Oct 08, 18:20

Plane Res series https://t.co/IEpP0RiqqU. Support @EastAngliAirAmb - buy or rent the Plane Resurrection series. Special offer!

@ColinWDMcLean Oct 08, 18:18

Support the @EastAngliAirAmb (EA AirAmbulance) Buy or rent the fabulous 'Plane Resurrection' Series. On-off special, grab it! #planeres

@ColinWDMcLean Oct 08, 15:07

Well done Teespring .. another good design. https://t.co/xSPt6LHGk4

@ColinWDMcLean Oct 08, 11:36

Dear America, please have a look under the sofa cushions and perhaps at the back of the garage. You might yet find a Presidential candidate.

@ColinWDMcLean Oct 04, 17:35

Note to self: God never intended me to wear (a) hats or (b) shorts. Good grief.

@ColinWDMcLean Oct 04, 10:24

Brilliant, brilliant. [Private Eye, 1427. Sept 16-29.] https://t.co/8Xcemyjyv1

@ColinWDMcLean Oct 03, 16:58

On the day the pound hits its lowest point for 3 years against the Euro I choose to go to Spain. Immaculate timing as ever.

@ColinWDMcLean Oct 01, 13:42

The performance by this young actress in 'Stranger Things' (Netflix) is just astonishing. https://t.co/cNXPV1LRxP Compellingly watchable.

@ColinWDMcLean Oct 01, 13:34

Recommended to friends, clients, anyone up for some extra creativity .. https://t.co/HlhgRI8u6Z

@ColinWDMcLean Sep 22, 15:02

This shows a more modern take on Macbeth and how Lady Macbeth had a large role… https://t.co/GrcR36G3LQ

@ColinWDMcLean Sep 22, 14:58

Romeo's priest probably tried letting him know, too...too bad Romeo didn't think… https://t.co/VnnNG1xMO9

@ColinWDMcLean Sep 22, 14:56

- Loving the use of perspective here - Docks, Dublin, Ireland https://t.co/Rj1dyPWV3h

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