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"How Canada Won The Great War" (Rob Child; Amazon/Audible)
"Plane Resurrection" Series .. Narrator.
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@ColinWDMcLean Jul 18, 17:00

On a day when, yet again I've been up at 05:40 (packing), and feeling my age .. the headlines: 'Rises in Life Expectancy levelling off. Nice

@ColinWDMcLean Jul 18, 08:00

Final 48 hours in Dereham, before a move to Norwich on Thursday. McLeans and Dereham have been together for a Century. Fond farewell.

@ColinWDMcLean Jul 17, 13:34

Can't wait .. https://t.co/QHpzmwVjBY

@ColinWDMcLean Jul 15, 07:07

Huge commiserations to Steve. The perils of life as a Voice Actor https://t.co/rIgetqRngh

@ColinWDMcLean Jul 01, 15:02

I never knew him but I feel saddened by his passing. RIP Barry Norman and thank you for so many memorable broadcasts and witicisms.

@ColinWDMcLean Jun 30, 19:52

Aww .. huge thanks to the shiny gem that is @sophiejewry https://t.co/vmQGQCDHwd

@ColinWDMcLean Jun 29, 17:20

Ah ... nice https://t.co/4JrJd7rPH0

@ColinWDMcLean Jun 19, 20:10

4 years since one was last spotted here I have just been greeted by a swallow. Ecstatically happy to see them back.

@ColinWDMcLean Jun 17, 09:48

I just claimed https://t.co/PqcWEJwxl7 😱 Download @anchor and get your own before it's gone!

@ColinWDMcLean Jun 14, 20:24

Listened to a fascinating, insightful and compelling account of (The Ghosts of) Rorke's Drift today. Film superb; true story astounding.

@ColinWDMcLean Jun 12, 12:43

@1KinseyFoster diary note re Thursday Kinsey .. is anything still on then? Best wishes, Colin

@ColinWDMcLean Jun 09, 13:16

And (as in Bury St Edmunds a few nights back) we love listening. Hunstanton next (October). https://t.co/ll1eCinmhH

@ColinWDMcLean Jun 09, 11:34

Old political adage: If all else fails, go fishing. Well maybe not old but it works for me.

@ColinWDMcLean Jun 09, 11:02

Good of Fozzy Bear to have loaned Alex Salmond his eyebrows for the night.

@ColinWDMcLean Jun 09, 10:55

It appears that I'm as competent at GE predictions as I am at childbearing. Who knew?

@ColinWDMcLean Jun 09, 10:53

What was the question to which the answer, evidently, was 'We Need Vince'?

@ColinWDMcLean Jun 09, 10:50

What's the difference between a landslide and an earthquake?

@ColinWDMcLean Jun 08, 22:25

@wimbushell1 We've been missing some much needed glamour ..

@ColinWDMcLean Jun 02, 22:33

A man, as charismatic as ANY I've known I worked with, used to say "Never Look Back" Beguilingly simple maxim. Could you live by it?

@ColinWDMcLean Jun 02, 20:31

Reflective post. I should be opening in 'Relatively Speaking' alongside v talented cast at West Acre Theatre. Can't. So v sorry not to be.

@ColinWDMcLean Jun 02, 20:02

Tell a Brit he's dull, he'll shrug; tell him he's smug, he'll smile; tell him how he'll vote and he'll do his damndest to confound you.

@ColinWDMcLean May 26, 16:01

Not a winner this year @RTS_media but it was special being nominated (Plane Resurrection). Great wins for @madebyforward though! Fab stuff!

@madebyforward May 25, 23:37

So... we only managed to win 2 @RTS_East awards! Huge thanks to @gilesduley and @wextweets https://t.co/vB52ucRR7x

@ColinWDMcLean May 25, 19:52

Very proud to be nominated and part of the @RTS_East awards evening today with the @nikcoleman TV team and Plane Resurrection. Go us!

@ColinWDMcLean May 23, 17:27

My new sounds: BBCRadioNorfolk 22 05 17 RelativelySpeaking https://t.co/k9DIr6nH8l on #SoundCloud

@ColinWDMcLean May 19, 21:43

A modern (retired) Colonel inspects the DDay grand plan at The Big Bunker in Ouisterham. https://t.co/wux9cJs5dw

@ColinWDMcLean May 19, 09:38

Falaise Castle, Basse Normandie. 29 degrees of heat in May. https://t.co/HnSUkvRGKl

@ColinWDMcLean May 19, 09:36

A glimpse of the main tower of Falaise castle - home to Guillaume le Conquérant. Fab irises everywhere. https://t.co/954g9wbYao

@ColinWDMcLean May 18, 10:33

Lucy's new fast friends - Haras du Pin. https://t.co/B4Ewlbi1kG